Deep Sea Fishing Trips Key West

If you’re pricing deep sea fishing trips in the Key West, you’ll find Discretion Sportfishing to be among the most affordable fishing charters on Key West. In fact, you won’t find more adventure at a better price anywhere on the Keys. 


When you consider what you’re getting for the cost, deep sea fishing trips in Key West just make sense. All inclusive in the cost of the charter, you’ll enjoy a true once-in-a-lifetime outdoor adventure, an opportunity to fish for some of the choicest food and sport fish on earth, exceptional local sightseeing, quality time spend with friends and family, and a lot more.


Don’t be fooled- not all deep sea fishing trips in Key West are alike. Your chances of catching what you came out to catch drop significantly if you choose a captain and mate who lack the experience and knowledge to take you out where the fish are, who don’t know the sea or fail to use what knowledge they do have to your advantage.


World-class fishing captain Mike Helm of The Discretion offers 34 years of experience to your trip, over 5 oceans and 7 seas. He and his crew are old hands at fishing the waters off the coast of the Florida Keys. Captain Mike can take you out to fish for: Kingfish, Amberjack, Marlin, Grouper, Mahi-Mahi, Shark, Tuna, Yellowtail, Tarpon, Permit and some of the most sought after sport fish on the planet. Catch options in Key West abound. It’s no wonder really why people come from every corner of the world to fish in Key West.


Do you dream of catching a world-record sport fish? Deep sea fishing trips off of Key West offer you the best opportunity anywhere to make that happen. More saltwater world records have been established off the Florida Keys than any other fishing spot in the world. The warm, tropical waters off The Keys offer some of the most fertile fishing grounds you’ll find. 


Are you looking for a great way to celebrate a milestone or event? Deep sea fishing trips in Key West are the perfect way to do that. Think about it- after celebrating a reunion, bachelor party, birthday or any other event, what do you really have to show for it other than money spent? Deep sea fishing trips in Key West give you more for your money than other venues and provide you with lifelong memories to share and talk about.


On The Discretion, you’ll enjoy a relaxing day out on the breathtaking emerald waters of the Florida Keys, a quarter, half or full day of excitement and adventure with your friends and family, and a cooler full of fish to take home when the trip is over. You couldn’t find more value packed into an adventure if you tried.


Why not book your next event on The Discretion? Call 631-680-9734 to hold your preferred fishing date. You can learn more about The Discretion’s deep sea fishing trips in Key West when you visit online at

Deep Sea Fishing Trips Key West
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