Fishing Key West

If you’ve never been sport fishing in Key West, you don’t know what you’re missing out on! Discretion Sportfishing offers one of the best opportunities to enjoy sportfishing at its best. You can book a partial day or a full day depending on how much excitement you think you can stand.


For the truly adventurous, The Discretion also provides the opportunity for a Key West overnight Swordfishing trip, as well as private charters and excursions. The Discretion is a 46-foot vessel that offers air-conditioned comfort in between your catches. Its captain, Mike Helm brings his world-class fishing experience to The Discretion for the benefit of vacationers who want to go out to the top fishing spots to catch some of the most highly prized sport fish found anywhere in the world!


If you’re considering your options for an upcoming vacation, take a look at sport fishing in Key West. In fact, there’s a lot more going for it than you might think! Sport fishing offers more health benefits than any other activity you could engage in. Take a look:


– Sport fishing in Key West offers the unique combination of relaxation and excitement, all at the same time. Deep sea fishing provides a strenuous workout while reeling in the fish; as well, most of the activities that take place aboard a charter boat result in a body in motion for most of the trip. Your heart will benefit greatly from a day of fishing aboard The Discretion.


– You’ll enjoy the de-stressing that takes place from unplugging from the daily grind as well. When your brain recharges you’ll gain a better focus when you go back to your job and family. Just getting away from it all is sometimes enough to keep you going for long periods of time once you get back to your everyday schedule.


– Sport fishing in Key West offers a host of benefits to your muscles through baiting, reeling and large motor skill movement. Regular sport fishing will build muscle and strengthen the heart while helping you lose weight!


– Sport fishing in Key West aboard The Discretion offers a much-needed break from the electronic world we live in. The average bread-winner is putting in 11 hours more a week than just 20 years ago while sitting still for an average of over 9 hours a day. Taking a break from that routine can do a lot to help you unwind.


– Fish are one of the healthiest foods you can eat! As one of the heart-healthiest foods on the planet, the fish you catch will go a long way toward paying for your fishing excursion, as well as feeding your friends and family.


Enjoy a fun-filled sport fishing trip in Key West aboard The Discretion and relax for the day, soaking in the Florida sunshine, breathing in the fresh ocean air and feeling the exhilaration of catching some of the most popular sport fish on earth. Call 631-680-9734 to book your trip.


Fishing Key West
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