Florida Keys Deep Sea Fishing

Florida Keys deep sea fishing provides the opportunity to fish in one of the prime sport fishing spots in the world. The Florida Keys is arguably the fishing capital of the world, with more world record’s broken there than any other fishing grounds on the globe.


If you’re looking for an excuse to book a Florida Keys deep sea fishing trip, Discretion Sportfishing can give you several. A day out on The Discretion is more adventurous, exciting, memorable and just plain fun than anything else you could find to do on your vacation.


If you’re thinking about Florida Keys deep sea fishing, you’ve got a mind to go after the big ones. If trophy fish is what you want, The Discretion’s Captain Mike Helm can take you out where they abound. If you’re looking for a challenging catch, that can be arranged as well. Take a look at what’s available to catch off the coast of Key West, Florida:


– Known as a Florida Favorite for exceptional taste and sensational beauty, the Dorado, also called Mahi-Mahi or Dolphinfish is one of the most thrilling sport fish to catch. Dorado are fun to catch while trolling with a light tackle and are known to locals as the ‘chicken of the sea’. 


– A great eating and exciting fish to catch are Cobia. This is a challenging fish that will give you quite a workout. Mainly caught in shallow waters, the Cobia can sometimes be caught in the Florida Keys in deep sea fishing. This is an exceptionally delicious table fish.


– The Kingfish, also known as King Mackerel can grow to 65 pounds and hit with long, hard runs that will offer a thrilling catch for anyone. Kingfish are great if smoked.


– If you’re going after Tarpon, you’ll most likely have the best luck between the months of March and August. Tarpon are a prized catch due to their aerobatics and thrilling fights that they put up against the angler. 


– Looking to catch sailfish? From winter to spring you’ll have a great chance at catching one of these pretty jumpers that will put up a great fight before being released. Florida Keys deep sea fishing is largely dependent upon sailfish.


– The Yellowtail Snapper are one of the tastiest fish in the waters off The Keys. Their huge tail provides a challenging fight, making them a lot of fun to catch and even more enjoyable to ear afterward.


– The Barracuda is probably the top mounted sport fish coming out of the waters of the Keys. This is a heavy hitter that will put up a really fun fight and you don’t have to plan around any special time of the year to find them.


Contact Discretion Sportfishing to book your next Florida Keys deep sea fishing excursion by going online to discretionsportfishing.com. Choose from a partial or a full day adventure out on the water. Captain Mike Helm and his crew will go over and above to ensure a successful trip for you and your guests. 

Florida Keys Deep Sea Fishing
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