Florida Keys Fishing Charters

The number of Florida Keys fishing charters to choose from are too numerous to list. Just about everyone with a boat is interested in taking passengers out on the water in an attempt to catch fish. The problem is, not everyone who owns a boat has the experience to make it happen.


Discretion Sportfishing does- and can! The Discretion’s captain, Mike Helm has the experienced, along with a vast knowledge of the sea; he and his crew have been navigating the Florida Keys’ waters long enough to know where to take you if you want to catch challenging, highly-prized and amazing sport fish. 


The Florida Keys are perhaps the number one destination in the world for sport fishing. What makes it a great place to fish if you happen to live in the US, is the relative ease with which you can travel there. For Southern state residents, a day’s drive will land you on Key West, no worse for the wear. For others, a quick flight into Miami and a couple of hours later you can be standing on Key West ready to head out for a day full of adventure. No other US sport fishing destination offers such accessibility.


Getting to Key West is the easy part. With so many Florida Keys fishing charters, finding a boat captain who can provide a successful fishing excursion is the challenging part. Discretion Sportfishing offers your best chance of bringing home a cooler full of freshly caught fish and sea tales to last until your next trip. Just visit their website at discretionsportfishing.com and you’ll have to agree. 


You can’t possible look through Discretion Sportfishing’s photograph gallery without being convinced that Captain Mike and his crew know what they’re doing. You’ll see one amazing photo after another of The Discretion’s passengers with their enormous catch in hand; photos of colorful Dolphinfish, Giant Snapper, impressive Sailfish, Shark, Yellowtail, Grouper, Barracuda and many others; photos of passengers having a terrific time spent out on the sea with friends and family. 


If you’d like to hear some sea tales, just click on the testimonials and you’ll read about previous trips, reviews that were written by totally satisfied customers who came for a day of sport fishing and got what they came for, and so much more. It’s easy to see from their fish tales that The Discretion’s Captain Mike and his crew are committed to providing their passengers with the best possible experience aboard their boat, and will do everything they can to ensure a successful fishing trip.


If you’re looking at Florida Keys fishing charters, book your adventure at an affordable price with Discretion Sportfishing. You’ll never regret your decision to go out with these professionals; their combination of knowledge and experience will dwarf anything else you’ll find in the area.


Make the call to Discretion Sportfishing at 631-680-9734 and check your preferred date with their availability. Then book the adventure you’ve been dreaming about. Select from the very best Florida Keys fishing charters: Discretion Sportfishing.




Florida Keys Fishing Charters
Discretion Sportfishing
(631) 680-9734
202 William St, Key West, FL 33040‎

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Discretion Sportfishing
202 William St Key WestFL33040 United States 
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