Florida Sport Fishing

What could be better than a Florida sport fishing trip on your next vacation? Imagine an amazing day out on the pristine waters off the coast of the Florida Keys, soaking in the sun and fishing the fertile waters of the Keys for Marlin, Sailfish, Grouper, Snapper, Dolphinfish, Tarpon, Amberjack and more!


So what’s keeping you from making plans to do just that? If you thought Florida sport fishing was too expensive, be prepared to think again. In the Florida Keys, sport fishing is one of the most affordable forms of recreation and entertainment. See for yourself why a day out on The Discretion Sportfishing charter makes sense:


– Fishing aboard the Discretion is a great investment. You’re going to catch fish on The Discretion- and not just any fish, but some of the most sought-after delicacy fish in the world! A cooler full of freshly caught fish will go a long way toward paying for your Florida sport fishing trip. You would easily pay $25 for a single plate of freshly caught snapper, grouper, MahiMahi or Tuna in a restaurant. Your family and friends can enjoy eating your catch while you retell the adventures you had while bringing them onboard. 


– Florida sport fishing is not only an investment of your money but is a great investment of time as well. Round up your friends and go out for an exciting day on the water none of you will ever forget. It’s long been believed that fishing strengthens relationships and promotes social bonding. It’s not hard to see why; can you think of anything you’d rather be doing?


– You’ll enjoy health benefits too numerous to list. The sights, sounds, smell and feel of the ocean is relaxing. Nothing beats being outdoors with friends or family- and in case you didn’t know, bringing sport fish aboard is challenging! You’ll get a workout while catching some of the most exciting sport fish off the coast of the Florida Keys. This, combined with the fresh air and sunshine will make for one of the healthiest vacations you could choose from.


– It’s fun! Let’s face it, that’s a terrific benefit. Not all vacations turn out to be as much fun as you anticipated they would. Florida sport fishing aboard The Discretion is the opportunity of a lifetime to have a fun-filled day on the beautiful emerald waters of the Keys, laughing, adventuring and letting go of all the stress you left back at the office. You’ll have the chance to catch the biggest fish of your lifetime and possibly even break a world record.


You’ll never regret taking the Florida sport fishing trip you’ve always wanted to. With Discretion Sportfishing 1/4 day, 1/2 day and full day charters, you have the option to choose the perfect amount of time you want to spend on the water. 


Contact Discretion Sportfishing by calling 631-680-9734. You can also go online to discretionsportfishing.com to see photos of previous catches and learn more about what Florida sport fishing has to offer your next vacation.

Florida Sport Fishing
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